Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Up-North Lake and Cottage Show 2012

Happily -it's that time of year again!! The Up North Lake and Cottage Show is happening this weekend April 20th - 22nd. We're looking forward to meeting you when you visit our Booth #31 at the Howe Arena. The warmer weather brings us outdoors so we can really enjoy our outdoor spaces. This year we're featuring decking at our exhibit space . Trex has some special deals that we can offer this season- remember to come see us at Grand Bay Building and Remodeling Booth 31. See you there- Nancy 231 995 9057

Where: Howe Arena 1213 W Civic Center Dr Traverse City, MI 49686
Hours: Friday 4/20 noon-7pm
Saturday 4/21 10am-7pm
Sunday 4/22 11am-5pm

Tickets Adults $6
12years and under $2

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Boomers are Right Sizing

A Traverse City Record Eagle reporter called me last Friday regarding an article he was in the process of writing. He needed to put a face to his story about the Baby Boomer housing trend of "Right Sizing". I told him that Victor and I probably fit his needs perfectly. I inwardly cringed at the thought of a photographer sharing our nest with the rest of the world and reminded Mark Urban, the reporter, that our home wasn't large but just the right size for a couple of empty nesters. And- I kept my fingers crossed.

I've attached the Record-Eagle link to the special section entitled My Generation. I think Mark did a very good job of relating our personal story which is probably very similar to many of the couples we've met since moving to the Grand Traverse Area. It's not easy making that move from a large home full of special things and memories. However, now that we have done it and have realized all of the benefits, I know that we are in an excellent position to help customers who are considering the same process.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss if you'd like- Nancy Lisabeth- Grand Bay Building and Remodeling 231 995 9057

Friday, February 24, 2012

Updated Info on 2012 Kitchen Trends

Now that the International Builder Show is over, there's abundant information on design trends available. As I've been reading and researching, several kitchen trends are being noted. Let me share some.

Natural wood cabinetry has always been popular. We've showcased cherry wood cabinetry in our higher end homes like those in LochenHeath but,according to the NKBA(National Kitchen and Bath Association) last year, cherry as well as maple have declined in use. Oak used to be the "go to" staple and then lost favor. Apparently, kitchen designers are trending back a bit to oak- reasonable cost and availability is probably part of this trend. I'm not too surprised to read that walnut is being used 3x more than in the past. The clean grain and darker color work perfectly with the look of today's kitchen. Green products have continued to be strongly popular which is apparent with bamboo usage doubling in the past year. Birch is a great wood with a grain similar to maple but with a lower material cost- birch use has tripled in the past year. Grand Bay Building and Remodeling just recently finished remodeling the break room at the BATA Cass Road facility here in Traverse City and we used all birch cabinetry - a great value for the dollar.

If you've ever watched the HGTV design shows, you might recall their use of darker finishes. This trend has been noted by NKBA . Along with darker colors is the use of glass. This product really lends itself to a modern look and is being incorporated as kitchen backsplashes. Designers are noting that ceramic still holds the number One position followed by Natural Stone(which certainly would need to be sealed) and glass coming on strong as number Three. I've used glass for vanities but not yet for a backsplash. This use could really be stunning and I look forward to working with the idea.

When it comes to lighting, apparently designers are trending toward LED's (light emitting diodes) rather than CFL's. Use of CFL's(compact flourscent lights) dropped about 10% . I'm not surprised as the color of a CFL isn't always right - especially in a kitchen. I read a Housing Zone article which mentioned that a US ban on newly produced 100w Incandescent bulbs went into effect Jan 2012 - A ban for 75w is slated to begin Jan 2013 with a ban on 60w incandescent production beginning Jan 2014. This will certainly be affecting the lighting industry in next several

Trends are always fun to watch and learn from. Now as Spring approaches, I look forward to a season of new and beautiful designs. Nancy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Take Care with CFLs - Where to Recycle them

CFL- Compact Flourescent Lights have become the new norm for light bulbs. I think most of us feel good about using them knowing that we are saving energy. Many light fixtures already include CFL bulbs in the box when you purchase them from the box stores. All good news for our electric budget.

Just the other day, I replaced a small flood light in the kitchen with a CFL floodlight. When I turned the light on I thought something was wrong with the new bulb. It barely gave any light and took quite awhile to warm up and begin to glow with full strength. Now I realize that CFL floods have not been perfected. Next time I'll be looking for an LED flood which won't have the delay -

Years ago, we were used to seeing workers throw the tube bulbs out without caring when they shattered into dumpsters. We've come a long way in that regard as well. Take care when disposing of old CFL bulbs. They do contain a very small amount of mercury.

If a bulb breaks- Clear the Room! People and pets should leave. Open a window/door for 5-10 minutes. Don't use a vacuum unless you absolutely have to-If you do, then immediately place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag. The preferred disposal method is to use tape to pick up small pieces etc. Place glass and any powder residue into a sealed container which should be kept outside of the home for trash disposal.

Recycle your old CFL bulbs- I've noticed that Lowe's and Home Depot as well as our local Ace Hardware store here in Traverse City have recyling bins for used bulbs. If everyone took advantage of this recycle program it would make a difference in our environment. That's the "green" in me coming out- I just can't help myself.

Nancy with Grand Bay Building and Remodeling

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Project Bath of 2012 Update

I promised a follow up photo of the finished bathroom which was Grand Bay Building and Remodeling's first project of 2012. This granite counter is a premium selection but it just so happened our customer located it as remnant . This is a great option for small counters like vanities. Note the taller 8" backsplash to accommodate the vessel sink.

There had been a laminate floor installed over concrete and to Victor's surprise, the toilet had never been secured! This resulted in leaking over the years which actually made it's way under the carpet at the bathroom. It felt good to take of this problem for the homeowner. That's the thing about remodeling, you just never know what you're going to find until you get into the project.

The other thing that we know is once we see a problem- we have to fix it and make it right for our customer! Nancy with Grand Bay Building and Remodeling

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Home Builders Expo Time - Feb 4th and 5th

The Grand Traverse Resort is the new home of the 2012 Home Expo. Grand Bay Building and Remodeling is looking forward to this new venue for the Expo. Find us in Booth #89. Victor is a Trex Pro- so this year we are featuring a Trex deck in our space. It takes a little more time to set up but totally worth it. Now you'll get a chance to see why the Trex hidden fastener system will make a such wonderful difference in the appearance of your deck.

As always, there will be things of interest for the entire family with special items that the kids will love. Come and make it a family event. Don't miss this chance to see this year's newest products. Get that "almost Spring" feeling here in Northern Michigan.

Saturday 2/4/12 from 9am-6pm and Super Bowl Sunday 2/5/12 from 11am-3pm (plenty of time left to enjoy the big game)

Expo is a great time to make an appointment to discuss your remodel project or new home. Now is the time to begin exploring your design possibilities so your project will be ready to go!

Remember that we are in Booth #89- Looking forward to meeting you, Nancy Lisabeth with Grand Bay Building and Remodeling 231 995 9057

Monday, January 16, 2012

Homeowner Beware of Water, Water Everywhere

This is the season for winter vacations and Grand Bay Building and Remodeling cautions you to prepare your home for extended trips away. Consider turning off your main water supply - just in case.

I write this suggestion after 3 separate family experiences in the last 2 weeks. Our son returned home after spending the Holidays here in Michigan to find water seeping out his garage entry door. A refrigerator water valve had failed resulting in a thorough soaking - he vacuumed about 15 gallons of water!!

Just last week, our daughter called with a "dad come quick" - for whatever reason water had just begun spraying(shooting) out of the cold water supply valve to her washer. This box in the laundry room wall has a small drain but not to catch this kind of water. Had she not been home and in the room to find the wet floor- there would have been another flood situation.

What actually prompted this post, was a water leak in our powder room that I just discovered this weekend. The toilet water line to the shutoff had begun to slowly leak which I noticed while cleaning. This is just the type of leak that could have gone unnoticed as you leave for vacation- only to continue to become worse over the time that you are away.

Based on these very recent situations- please consider protecting your home from water damage when you're away. It should be a simple thing to turn off your water supply- check into this before you leave home for any
extended period of time like a vacation. Hope I have just saved you from the mess my son found when he arrived home- Nancy, Grand Bay Building and Remodeling ph 231 995 9057